Ongoing Alerts for Employee Background Checks

Know early about potential problems within your team.

Post-Hire Peace of Mind

Regular review of employee background checks maintains long-term safety in your workplace.

Be Transparent

Tell your team that regular background check reviews are a company policy applied to all employees.

Start Fresh

Run new background checks, adding Ongoing Alerts for $2.50 per employee per month.

Get Consent

GoodHire consent forms have built-in employee consent for regular background check reviews.

Stay Informed

Ongoing, monthly alerts give you insight into relevant changes in your team's background checks.

Compliance First

Ongoing Alerts is compliant with the FCRA and EEOC guidelines. Businesses are held accountable to the same employment laws post-hire as they are pre-hire.

When an employee leaves your company, turn off Ongoing Alerts for that individual in order to meet your legal obligations.

Best Practices for Ongoing Alerts

Be Fair

Create an Ongoing Alerts policy for your company. The policy can be permanent or temporary, but must apply the same standards equally to all employees.

Be Transparent

Clearly explain the policy to employees, detailing exactly what will be reviewed through the monthly background checks (in this case, their criminal records).

Be Encouraging

Extend your new policy to include processes and protections that encourage employees to proactively inform you if they have run-ins with the law.

Ongoing Alerts

Get started by refreshing your employee records. Run a new background check and add Ongoing Alerts.

Just $2.50 per employee per month